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台北101綠色饗宴盛會 探討永續發展目標
2023 International Green Party at Taipei 101 for SDGs Discussion


日期: 2023/11/18
November 18th, 2023
主辦單位: 臺灣創意經濟產業發展協進會、中華國際會議展覽協會
Taiwan Creative Economy Association 
Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association
執行單位: 威立顧問股份有限公司
Willy Event Consultants Co, LTD PCO

指導單位:  台北市政府
Taipei City Government
地點: 台北101 Space 88
Space 88, Taipei 101

由「臺灣創意經濟產業發展協進會」及「中華國際會議展覽協會」主辦、台北市政府指導贊助的『2023國際健康綠色饗宴永續論壇-實踐SDGs』 11月18日在台北101大樓的Space88成功舉辦,本次活動以聯合國的17項永續發展目標(SDGs)為主題,探討了綠色減碳、永續好生活、產業到個人的ESG、地方與國際共榮共生的生態支持系統等議題,並分享了實踐SDGs的成功案例和挑戰。

Organized by " Taiwan Creative Economy Association " and " Taiwan Convention & Exhibition Association ", and sponsored by Taipei City Government, "2023 International Green Party Forum - Putting SDGs into Practice" was successfully held on November 18th at Space 88 of Taipei 101 Building. With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as the main theme, the event explored topics such as Green Carbon Reduction, Sustainable Good Living, ESG from Industry to Individuals, and Eco-support System for Coexistence between the Localities and the International Community, as well as shared the successful cases and challenges to put the SDGs into practice.