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2021 年輕學者養成計畫線上國際座談會 從夢想出發:我們走不同的人生路徑
2021 YSF Online Webinar: Starting from Dreams - Let's Take a Different Path in Life


日期: 2021/8/21
August 21st, 2021
主辦單位: 年輕學者養成計畫專案辦公室 (台灣) & Project Tyra (美國)
Young Scholar Fellowship Program Office (Taiwan)
執行單位: 威立顧問股份有限公司
Willy Event Consultants Co, LTD PCO
地點: 台北 集思科大2F 感恩廳
GIS Taipei Tech Convention Center 2F


為協助年輕學者強化國際合作與鏈結,同時於後疫情時代接軌國際,持續交流與合作,年輕學者養成計畫專案辦公室與總部設於北美洲的台灣年輕研究者協會 (Project Tyra-Taiwanese Young Researcher Association) 合作,於 2021 年 8 月 21 日舉辦國際座談會 (online)

In order to help young scholars strengthen international cooperation and links, and to connect with the international community in the post-pandemic era for continuous exchanges and collaborations, the Office of the Project, in cooperation with Project Tyra-Taiwanese Young Researcher Association (TYRA), which is based in North America, is organizing an International Symposium on August 21, 2021 (online).