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World Cotton Day – Experience activity


日期: 2020/9/26、2020/9/28
September 26th to September 28th, 2020

主辦單位: 經濟部國際合作處
Department of International Cooperation, M.O.E.A

執行單位: 威立顧問股份有限公司
Willy Event Consultants Co, LTD PCO

地點: 南投綠恩有機棉農場/苗栗卓也小屋
Taiwan Organic Cotton Farm/Zhuo Ye Indigo Dyeing House



The World Cotton Day is on the 7th October. As one of the members in International Cotton Advisor Committee, Taiwan is actively participating in cotton industry-related activities. Taiwan has great contribution to cotton consumption. Thus, on this special day, we are going to hold a free experience activity to invite people across the country to participate in. Not only to enhance the awareness of cotton products, but also to have a better understanding of the future vision of Taiwan’s cotton industry.