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2021 Digital Governance Webinar Session for Latin America and the Caribbean Regions


日期: 2021/5/19~5/20
May 19th~20th , 2021
主辦單位: 財團法人國際合作發展基金會(國合會)

執行單位: 威立顧問股份有限公司
Willy Event Consultants Co, LTD PCO

地點: 線上
Online Meeting

國合會在上禮拜(5/19、20)分別辦理拉美地區與歐亞非地區的「#數位治理線上研討會」,由我國無任所大使 #陳正然大使 擔任主持人,和來自16國45名學員一同分享台灣是如何透過 #數據整合 及 #AI分析 化解金融資安事件、進行災害風險管理及對抗疫情下假信息氾濫等危機

TaiwanICDF hosted the "Online Seminar on #Digital Governance" in Latin America and Eurasia-Africa respectively last week (5/19 and 20), with Ambassador-at-Large #AmbassadorChenChengRan as the moderator, and shared with 45 participants from 16 countries how Taiwan uses #DataIntegration and #AIAnalytics to solve the financial security incidents, disaster risk management, and the crisis of disinformation under the epidemic.